Year 1 Homework

Core Tasks: These are essential items of homework that must be completed regularly in order for your child to make expected progress.


Reading: Everyday we expect your child to read from one of the colour book bands that they select from school. Your child may also choose a book from the Bookworm Challenge book box or a book from home. The details of this reading initiative are available on Google Classroom and the aim is to foster an enjoyment of reading. 


Phonics:  You will have a list of sounds that your child is working on, please support your child to read and write these sounds in isolation and in words. The extra challenge is to use the words in a sentence.  In June the children will be completing a Phonics Screening Check to assess their ability to blend sounds to read real and pseudo words. allows you to register for free and give access to a few games that allow your child to practice.  We do not suggest that you pay for any extra access.



Spellings:  Please review the spellings already provided.  We encourage your child to learn 6 words each week to read and spell.  Once your child is confident and secure reading and writing these words, they can write them in a sentence.  We would recommend you review this list regularly with your child.  We attach the lists for your reference.  Please encourage your child to spell these words correctly in their everyday writing. 

Mathletics: The children will be set maths homework from Mathletics which will be linked to the learning in class.   Once the children have completed the set tasks they are free to play on the games that they choose or explore any previous learning. 


Topic based: Every two weeks the children will be given homework that is topic based. There is always a variety of subjects and activities for the children to choose from. Please support your child to choose and complete the activities.  Topic based homework provides opportunities for rich discussion and collaboration linking home and school.  This homework should be completed in the green homework books when possible.