Year 1 Homework


Reading: Everyday we expect your child to read from one of the colour book bands that they select from school.Your child may choose a book from the Fab 50 shelf to enhance their reading.

Phonics: Every other Friday the children will receive a list of phonic words to prepare for the Phonics Screening Check which takes place in June.  Practise segmenting and blending these words.  Can they use sound buttons to identify the diagraphs and tri-graphs they have learned at school?

Number Work: Children should regularly practise counting forwards and backwards in 1s and in steps of 2, 5 and 10. Choose numbers suitable for your child (up to 20, 50 or 100) to read, write and recognise in digits and words.



MathleticsOn a Monday, the children will be set maths homework from Mathletics which will be linked to the learning in class.   Once the children have completed the set tasks they are free to play on the games that they choose or explore any previous learning.


Topic based: Every two weeks the children will be given homework that is topic based. There is always a variety of subjects and activities for the children to choose from. Please support your child to choose and complete the activities.  Topic based homework provides opportunities for rich discussion and collaboration linking home and school.  This homework should be completed in the green homework books when possible. 



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