EYFS Homework

By supporting your child with their home learning you will be helping them to make as much progress as they can, ensuring that they are ready for the Year One curriculum in September.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding homework, then please speak to
Mrs Mortimer or Mrs Hammerston.



  • Reading (daily)

Your child receives books at the correct level for their reading ability and each book should be read a few times each week in order to build up reading skills.

  • Phonic practice

New sounds are added to the Orange books every week. Your child should be able to recognise and write each sound and identify words that use the sound.

  • Recognition and spelling of the tricky words.

A new word is added to the Orange book every week. Your child needs to recognise these by sight and spell each word correctly.

  • Reading together books

Your child borrows a book every Friday that you can enjoy reading together.

  • Reading Fab 50 books

A list of our Fab 50 books is on our website. Please read them to your child and then encourage them to do a follow up activity based on the book, as often or as little as you like.

  • ‘Show and Tell’ (monthly)

The theme for Show and Tell changes each month. It is important that every child participates to develop their communication skills.



Login details for Mathseeds can be found in your child’s reading record. Mathseeds can be accessed on a PC, laptop or tablet. Your child should not need any support to complete the challenges, as we have set tasks that they should be able to complete independently. They will be able to work through the online lessons as often or as little as they like. All of the lessons cover things that we are learning in school.

At half term we will also start sending home scrapbooks with new challenges every fortnight. These are designed so that you can do as much or as little as you like.