Year 6 Reading List

This list (which includes over 300 fascinating texts by over 200 published authors) is intended to be a guide to books suitable for children in Year 6. The List, covering a range of genres, is drawn from a number of sources including teachers own recommendations; the National Literacy Strategy’s recommended texts; reading lists which have been suggested by other schools and the National Literacy Trust’s website. Some of the texts are more difficult to read than others and care should be taken when choosing those which your child might enjoy. Please discuss the books your child reads with him/her and remember that, even in Year 6, although a book might be difficult for your child to read, he/she will probably still enjoy having it read to them by an adult. Good luck reading and please enjoy reading these together!

Author-Name of book:-Tick if read

Finley Aaron-Foundlings-

Richard Adams-Watership Down-

Joan Aiken-The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The James III Sequence,

Mice and Mendelson

The Whispering Mountain

Midnight is a Place

The Stolen Lake-

Louisa M. Alcott-Little Women-

David Almond-Skellig

Kit’s Wildernesss

Half a Creature from the Sea: A Life in Stories-

Neil Arksey-Playing on the Edge-

Linda Aronson-Kelp-

Max Arthur-Forgotten Voices of the Second World War-

Bernard Ashley-Johnny’s Blitz

Little soldier


Sherry Ashworth-What’s your problem?-

Joyce Annette Barnes-Amistad Junior novelization-

J M Barrie-Peter Pan-

Joan Bauer-Squashed-

Nina Bawden-Carrie’s War

On the Run

The Peppermint Pig

The Outside Child

The Real Plato Jones

Keeping Henry

The Secret Passage-

Leslie Beake-Song of Be-

Tom Becker-Darkside-

Gerard Benson-This Poem Doesn’t Rhyme-

Paul Berna-A Hundred Million Francs-

James Berry-Classic Poems to read aloud-

Malorie Blackman-Hacker

Noughts and crosses

Knife Edge-

Thomas Bloor-The Memory Prisoner-

Judy Blume-Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret

Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself

Freckle Juice


Martin Booth-Music on the Bamboo Radio-

Tim  Bowler-River Bay


Ray Bradbury-The Other Foot-

Elinor M Brent-Dyer-The Chalet School Series-

Frances Browne-Granny’s Wonderful Chair-

Linda Buckley-Archer-Gideon the Cutpurse-

John Bunyan-The Pilgrim’s Progress-

Melvin Burgess-Billy Elliot


The Baby and Fly pie-

Thornton W. Burgess-Old Granny Fox-

Frances Hodgson Burnett-The Secret Garden-

Sheila Burnford-The Incredible Journey-

Betsy Byars-The Pinballs

Cracker Jackson

The Midnight Fox

The Summer of The Swans

The Two Thousand Pound Goldfish

The Animal

The Vegetable and John D. Jones

The Eighteenth Emergency-

Georgia Byng-Molly Moon-

Peter Carey-The Big Bazoohley-

Lewis Carroll-Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland

Through the Looking Glass-

Philip Caveney-Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates-

G K Chesterton-The Puffin Father Brown Stories-

Robin Chambers-The Ice Warrior-

John Christopher-The Guardians-

Ann Coburn-Warm Songs-

Peter Collington-The Coming of the Surfman(Picture book)-

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes-

Susan Coolidge-What Katy Did-

Susan Cooper-Over Sea Over Stone

The Dark is Rising sequence

The Boggart-

Yvonne Coppard-Bully-

Frank Cottrell Boyce-Framed-

Sharon Creech-The Wanderer

Walk Two Moons

Chasing Redbird-

Helen Cresswell-Moondial-

Gillian Cross-The Great Elephant Chase


Kevin Crossley-Holland-Beowulf-

Roald Dahl-The BFG

The Witches


Going Solo-

Annie Dalton-Angels Unlimited-

Colin Dann-The Animals of Farthing Wood

The Fox Cub Bold

The Siege of White Deer Park

Journey to Freedom-

Nicola Davies-Tangled Webs-

Donald Davis-Dr. York, Miss Winnie, and the Typhoid Shot-

Daniel Defoe-Robinson Crusoe-

Anita Desai-The Village by the Sea-

Narinder Dhami-Dani’s Diary-

Charles Dickens-The Christmas Carol

Oliver Twist-

Peter Dickenson-The Weathermonger-

Anne Digby-Naughtiest Girl Saves the Day

Boy Trouble at Trebizon-

Berlie Doherty-Granny was a Buffer Girl

A Parcel of Patterns

Children of Winter-

Gerard Durrell-My Favourite Animal stories-

Eagle-Walking Turtle -Full Moon Stories-

T S Eliot-Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats-

Deborah Ellis-The Breadwinner-

Victoria Eveleigh-Katy’s Exmoor Ponies-

Walter Farley-The Black Stallion-

Penelope Farmer-Charlotte Sometimes-

Josephine Feeney-Truth, Lies and Homework-

Kathleen Fidler-Haki the Shetland Pony

Turk the Border Collie

The Boy with the Bronze Axe-

Anne Fine-Up On Cloud Nine

The Tulip Touch

The Granny Project

Goggle Eyes Flour Babies

The Tulip Touch

The Book of the Banshee

Step by Wicked Step-

Catherine Fisher-The Empty Hand

Darkwater Hall

The Snow Walker’s Son

The Snow –Walker Sequence-

Nicholas Fisk-A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair



Space Hostages


Ian Fleming-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-

Charlie Fletcher-Stoneheart-

Anne Frank (edited by Otto H. Frank)-The Diary of a Young Girl-

Jackie French-Hitler’s Daughter-

Paul Gallico-Jennie

The Snow Goose-

Leon Garfield-Black Jack

The December Rose

God Beneath the Sea-

Alan Garner-The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen-

Carlo Gebler-August ‘44-

Jean Craighead George-Julie and the Wolves

My Side of the Mountain-

Adele Geras-A Candle in the Dark


Julie Golding-The Diamond Of Drury Lane (A Cat Royal Novel)-

Michael Gough-Down by the Markes-

Kenneth Graham-The Wind in The Willows-

David Grimstone-The Game-

Rosa Guy-The Friends-

Mark Haddon-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time-

Cynthia Harnett-The Wool-Pack-

Libby Hathorn-Way Home-

Ester Hautzig-The Endless Steppe-

Carolyn Haywood-Penny and Peter

Betsy and Billy-

Nat Hentoff-The Day they Came to Arrest the Book-

G.A. Henty-Bonny Prince Charlie: A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden -

David Hill -See Ya-

Odo Hirsch-Antonio S and the Mystery of Theodore Guzman-

Anne Holm-I am David-

Homer-The Iliad-

Anthony Horowitz-The Alex Rider Series


Polly Horvath-Everything on a Waffle-

Janni Howker-Badge on a Barge

Martin  Farrell-

Norman Hunter-The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawn-

Brian Jaques-The Redwall Series-

Robin Jarvis-The Deptford Mice Trilogy

The Whitby Witches-

Catherine Jinks-Eye To Eye-

Vernon Jones-Aesop’s Fables-

Reinhardt Juna-Dreaming in Black & White, translated by Anthea Bell-

Erich Kastner-Emil and the Detectives-

Elizabeth Kay-The Divide-

Gene Kemp-The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler-

Liz Kessler-Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep-

Seth King-Honesty-

Dick King-Smith-The Crowstarver-

Madeline L’Engle-A Winkle in Time-

Elizabeth Laird-Secret Friends

Kiss the Dust-

Charles & Mary Lamb-Tales from Shakespeare-

Ursula Le Guin-A Wizard of Earthsea-

C.S. Lewis-The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe-

Joan Lingard-The Guilty Party

Across the Barricades-

Penelope Lively-The Ghost of Thomas Kempe-

Lesley Lodge-Because it is Written-

Michelle Magorian-Back Home

Goodnight Mr Tom

In deep water-

Margaret Mahy-The Ghost of Thomas Kemp

The Haunting-

Jan Mark-Stratford Boys

Thunder and Lightnings-

Joan Masefield-The Box of Delights-

William Mayne-Cuddy-

Geraldine McCaughrean-Forever X

Gold Dust-

Karen Mc Combie-Ally’s World: The Past , the present and the Loud Loud Girl-

Ian McEwan-The Daydreamer-

Anne Merrick-Someone Came Knocking-

L M Montgomery-Anne Of Green Gables-

Pat Moon-Double Image-

Michael Morpurgo-Out Of the Ashes

From Hereabout Hill

Private Peaceful

Hansel and Gretel-

Beverly Naidoo-The Other Side of Truth-

Bill Naughton-The Goalkeeper’s  Revenge-

  1. Nesbit-The Railway Children-

Linda Newbery-Blitz Boys-

Jenny Nimmo-Griffin’s Castle

The Snow Spider-

Gareth Nix-Sabriel-

Mary Norton-The Borrowers-

Alfred Noyles -The Highwayman-

Robert C O’Brien-Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh 

Z for Zachariah-

Judith O’Neil-So far from Skye-

Pat O’Shea-The Hounds Of The Morigan-

Kenneth Oppel-The Silverwing Saga-

Toni Owen-Blue-Iris-

Ruth Park-Playing Beatie Bow-

Katherine Paterson-Bridge to Terabithia

Jacob Have I Loved-

James Patterson-Daniel X: Lights Out-

Jill Paton- Walsh-The Dolphin crossing


Melanie Paul-Popcorns adventure -

Gary Paulsen-Hatchet-

Gudrun Pausewang-Fall –Out

The Final Journey-

Philippa  Pearce-Minnow On the Say

The way To Sattin Shore

Tom’s Midnight garden-

Clara Dillingham Pierson-Among the Forest People-

Terry Pratchett-Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents-

Susan Price-The Ghost Drum-

Willard Price-Cannibal Adventure-

Philip Pullman-Clockwork

Northern Lights-

Christine Purkis-Paddlefeet-

Arthur Ransome -Swallows and Amazons-

Philip Reeve-Darkling Plain

Mortal Engines-

Morton Rhue-The Wave-

Hans-Peter Richter-Friedrich

I Was There-

Philip Ridley-Zinderzunder



James Riordan-The Prisoner-

Katherine Roberts-The Great Pyramid Robbery-

Michael Rosen-A World Of Poetry-

Louis Sachar-Holes-


Marcus Sedgwick-Floodland

The Dark House

My Sword is Singing-

Iain Serrailier-Silver Sword-

Paul Shipton-Bug Muldoon and the Garden of fear-

Kim Slater-A Seven-letter Word-

Robert Louis Stevenson-Treasure Island-

Bram Stoker-Dracula-

David Lee Stone-The Ratastrophe Catastrphe-

Jamie Summer-Dalysian Hope-

Rosemary Sutcliff-Sword Song

The Mark of the Horse Lord

Beowulf: Dragon Slayer

The Eagle of Ninth

The Silver Branch

The Witch’s Brat-

Jonathan Swift-Gulliver’s Travels-

Robert Swindells-Hurricane Summer


Brother In the Land

Daz 4 Zoe

Room 13


Stone cold Unbeliever-

Mildred D Taylor-Let The Circle be Unbroken

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The Road to Memphis-

Alfred Lord Tennyson-The Lady of Shallot-

Ruth Thomas-Hideaway

The Runaways-

Colin Thompson-Paradise Garden

The Paradise Garden-

Flora Thompson-Lark Rise To Candleford-

Kate Thompson-Switchers-

J.R.R Tolkien-The Hobbit-

Theresa Tomlinson-Child of the May

The Cellar Lad

The Herring Girls-

Sue Townsend-The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged  Thirteen  and Three Quarters-

Geoffrey Trease-Cue For Treason-

Sean Tulien and Rudyard Kipling-How the Leopard Got His Spots: the Graphic Novel-

Mark Twain-The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn-

Jean Ure-Becky Bananas-

Jules Verne-Around the world in 80days-

Sylvia Waugh-The Menyms-

Kaye Webb-I Like this Poem-

Joanna Webster-Colour Quest-

Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman-Dragonlance Chronicles

Dragonlance Tales-

H.G. Wells-The War of the Worlds-

Robert Westall-Blitz Cat

The Machine Gunners

The Scarecrows-

T . H. White-Sword in the Stone-

Laura Ingalls Wilder-Aquellos Anos Dorados-

Carole Wilkinson-Dragon Keeper-

Henry Williamson-Tarka The Otter-

Diane Wynne Jones-Black Maria

The Time Of The Ghost-

Cynthia Voight-Homecoming-

Adeline Yen Mah-Chinese Cinderella-

Benjamin Zephaniah-Talking Turkeys-