Reading is a vital skill to master at a young age and is necessary to unlock many other areas of the curriculum. It is also something that can provide a great deal of pleasure throughout our lives. It is for that reason that at St John's we want all our children to read as many high quality books as they can. It is necessary that children experience a different range of genres within fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

It is important that books chosen come from a range of cultures and convey different  perspectives. Equally books should be inclusive and enable children to foster empathy and an understanding of all people regardless of where they live, their abilities, gender and beliefs.

We recommend that children read a few books by the same author and are encouraged to discuss their styles and what they like and perhaps dislike about them. Children often go through phases of wanting to read 'all the books written by their favourite author at the time.' Something that many adults like to do too.

It is important to discuss books with your children, ask and answer questions about them. Share what you enjoy reading now and when you were their age. It is worth noting children love having stories read to them, even in year 6. This can be a lovely end to a busy day and a time for them to wind down and fill their heads with strange worlds and beautiful words.

Please find links to websites below that showcase books for Primary age children. You will find a variety of genres, books from different cultures, books that celebrate difference as well as traditional tales, poetry and non-fiction. The sites are not endorsed by us but provide a clear view of types of books that can and should be enjoyed by children.


We have also have list of books for each year group which you can view by clicking on the link below.

View our full reading lists by year group.

Please note these lists are not exhaustive and suggested as a starting point to begin your journey.