Our Space Project

The pop-up coffee shop has been raising money to provide a new space. We'd like to share the ideas and get your feedback. Please see the design concept below and comment to:



Aim: To refurbish a neglected part of the school playground to create a quiet area to give the children a peaceful and reflective space that will support their emotional well-being & inspire creativity.

Proposed Name:  Our Space

Designated Area: Currently under used area behind The Barn.

Purpose & Benefits:

  • Therapeutic Space: opportunity for children to relax, practice mindfulness & encourage confidence & positive feelings.
  • Friendships: To foster friendships in a quiet space where even sensitive children can feel more comfortable
  • Sensory: for all children including those with special needs to benefit from a sensory experience
  • Reading: Children can use the space to explore positive and inspiring books provided in a mini outdoor library.
  • Imagination: to foster imagination with fantasy imagery & ornaments.
  • Outdoor learning: To benefit from fresh air and nature during outdoor learning activities for a class or small group
  • Extra Seating for packed lunch: to provide a calm space for those that like to eat lunch peacefully.
  • Nature: To observe, experience & enjoy nature including plants, insects, wildlife and seasonal changes.
  • Special Events & Fundraising: the area can be decorated with extra ornaments/lighting etc. for special events, theme weeks & other activities.

Key Features Needed:

  • Entrance & exit
  • Fencing
  • Pathway
  • Seating
  • Area to include packed lunch/snack tables with bench
  • Garden club area to be designated plus storage for tools & growing area
  • Storage for books (mini library – poetry, short stories etc.)
  • Storage for outdoor cushions
  • Appropriate planting – flowers etc.
  • Sensory experience to include relaxing colours, flower smells, textures to touch  and piped music
  • Signs with positive affirmations & inspiring quotes
  • Calming activities – to be decided e.g. chess/noughts & crosses/ mindfulness activity/ art materials
  • Ornaments & accessories – nature/seasons/woodland animal /colour paints & glitter & subtle fantasy (fairy doors etc.)
  • Theme Boxes- Theme boxes to be kept with extra accessories to change the garden themes for special events: E.g. Fairy Garden Theme, Outer Space Theme, Christmas Theme etc.


  • School to recruit monitors (year 5/6)
  • Pupils to have clear guidelines on use of garden (no running or shouting).
  • Parents to be made aware of garden and its benefits
  • All staff to be aware of the purpose & nature of the garden. (i.e. to role model appropriate behaviours)
  • Staff member to supervise the area at all times while in use
  • To avoid loud or energetic games/activities & bright colours. Also to avoid anything symbolising war/violence. e.g. guns/knives/scary creatures.


Please see the various layers of the design that is being considered.