Pupil Premium

Our vision at St John's is "Life in all its Fullness", John 10:10. We believe that all children should have access to a rich and broad curriculum that allows them to reach their potential in everything that they do. For this reason our pupil premium strategy plan includes allocating money to different curriculum areas whilst also to enabling children to access extra-curricular clubs such as football, multi-sports or learn a musical instrument. 

Below is our current pupil premium strategy plan that has been reviewed to show the progress towards our intended outcomes. It continues to outline how we allocate our resources to enable our children to be educated in a manner that reflects our vision.

Pupil Premium strategy plan 2023-2024 (reviewed for 2022-2023)

Pupil premium strategy plan 2022-2023 (reviewed for 2021-2022)

Pupil premium strategy plan 2021-202

Please also find the link from to DfE web page  that explains what pupil premium is and how the funds are allocated to improve education outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in schools in England. 

Pupil Premium guidance.

We use the funding to support our pupils in different ways within the classroom, which includes paying for additional staff to support intervention groups, paying for Software Programmes such as Nessy as well as delivering the Wellcomm Programme in EYFS and KS1.

If your child or children would like to join a sports club such as multi-sports, netball or football or learn a musical instrument or you would like your more information about this,  please email admin@st-johns-school.com or ring us on 02085042934.

If you think you are eligible for pupil premium or you are already registered and would like your child to enrol in one of the activities listed; please email admin@st-johns-school.com and we will be able to arrange to discuss this with you.

Pupil Premium Strategy and Impact Report for  2020-2021.

Pupil Premium Strategy and Impact Report for 2019-20