Assemblies at St John's

Our assemblies have resumed in St John's Church as we are now able to worship together. We are delighted to be able to come together as a whole school, to give thanks and celebrate our lives in the church.

Our week now looks like this: 

Monday – A whole school assembly, led by the headteacher and deputy headteacher. This assembly takes place in the church at 9.05am and introduces our Thought for the Week, which is a Bible verse chosen to inspire and provide encouragement throughout the week. The Bible verse references the three pillars and the value that is focussed on for the half-term.

Tuesday – This assembly is also in the church at 9.05am and is led by our Rector, Ian Farley.  A story from the Bible is narrated and acted out by the children and then discussed. 

Wednesday – This assembly takes place in classrooms and is led by the classteacher. We use Votes for Schools an online service that we have joined. It allows us to develop our understanding of what it is to be a global citizen as well as develop our understanding of wellbeing and what aspiration is and means to us here at St John's.

Thursday – This is the day of the week on which we celebrate our curriculum and important  dates throughout the year such, Harvest Festival and The Remembrance Service. Each class also delivers a class assembly to showcase the learning that they are involved in.

Friday – On the last day of the week we have a Celebration Assembly. This is hosted in the church by the headteacher and the deputy head. Two children are nominated by their class teacher to be given the headteacher's gold award for an outstanding attitude to work throughout the week. Our year 6 prefects also announce the winners of the Caring Cup, given to one child from each year group for showing particular care and empathy for those around them.

All assemblies finish with a prayer either led by children at St John's, Ian Farley or the class teacher.