Our Staff

Name Role
Jonathan Furness Head Teacher. DSO.
Alison Tinker Deputy Head Teacher, Inclusion Leader & Designated Person in Charge of Previously Looked After Children, Deputy DSO.
Kate Mortimer Assistant Head Teacher & EYFS Leader, Deputy DSO.
Nina Maskell SENCO.
Kathryn Radley SEND Facilitator.
Emma Hammerston Specialist Intervention Teacher & PSHE Leader.
Jade Noverre EYFS Teacher & Design and Technology Leader
Kate Downing EYFS SCITT Trainee Teacher.
Debbie Lee Year 1 Lead Teacher, RE & History Leader.
Emma Hammerston Year 1 Teacher & PSHE Leader.
Katy Bage Year 2 Teacher & Science Leader.
Abigail Gibbons Year 2 Teacher, Phase Leader of Year 1&2, Art Leader.
Georgia Fresco Year 2 SCITT Trainee Teacher.
Shelly Tallowin Year 3 Teacher, Phase Leader of Year 3 & 4, Maths Leader.
Chris Peck Year 3 Teacher & Music Leader.
Abbie Ruddock Year 3 SCITT Trainee Teacher.
Julie-Sian Murphy Year 4 Teacher, MfL Leader.
Helen Davy Year 4 Teacher.
Jack Perez Year 5 Lead Teacher & PE Leader.
Niamh O'Reilly Year 5 Teacher & Geography Leader.
Jenny Morgan Year 6 Teacher, Phase Leader of Year 5&6, English Leader.
Lauren Marbe Year 6 Teacher & Computing Leader
Millie Steptoe Year 6 SCITT Trainee Teacher.
Simon Whale School Council Leader.
Julie Watkins Sports Coach.
Lucy MacGregor Year 5 & 6 Intervention Support
Sarah Hopkins Midday Supervisor.
Caroline Varda After School Provider.
Hillary Kemp Catering Manager.
Emma Cook Catering Assistant.
Steve Bromley Site Manager.
Simon Green  Site Manager.
Karen Norman Office Manager.
Elaine Freedman Finance Manager.
Lisa Seal Office Administrator.
Julie Taylor Office Administrator.
Susan Marbe SCITT Director.
Emma Squires Deputy SCITT Director.
Vanessa Smullen SCITT Administrator.

 We also have a full Learning Support Assistant (LSA) team & Midday Supervision Assistant Team (MDA).