Our School

We place much emphasis on high standards of achievement as well as behaviour. As a school we are committed to equality of opportunity and developing in each child the self confidence to achieve their maximum potential in both academic and personal achievement.

The school is a member of the Epping Forest Primary Consortium that works to improve primary education at a local level. It also works closely with Davenant Sports College to develop its physical education provision. As a Church of England school, it has very close links with neighbouring St John’s Church. End-of-term assemblies, to which parents and friends are invited, are held in the Church. Our children are always proud to perform in front of a full house! Once a week we are led for Assembly by a member of the parish clergy, usually the Rector.

Pupils are encouraged to take on many responsibilities around the school, allowing them to develop their individual leadership skills at a young age. We have a School Council which takes its responsibilities very seriously and has a significant influence on the life and work of the school. Two children from each Key Stage 2 year group (a boy and a girl) are elected by their peers to stand for Council elections. They meet regularly with the Senior Management Team. All year 6 pupils are prefects and each year a head boy and a head girl are elected to represent the school. We also have in operation a ‘house’ system for sport. Each child belongs tohout the year, but especially at the annual summer sports day, house points are earned.