Year 6 Royal Courts of Justice

On Tuesday 11th October and Thursday 13th October,6C and 6J travelled on the tube from Buckhurst Hill station to Holborn to visit The Royal Courts of Justice. After a 5 minute walk from the station, everybody was astonished by the beauty of the building.

 Once we had entered through the main doors and luckily passed the security, a guide took us to our court room (6C had court room 44 and 6J had court room 10.)  After we had entered our court room we had a long, informative talk about the civil and criminal law. Our guide, named Anna, told us about some silly and amusing court cases including a wheelie bin story and a Jaffa cake story which made us laugh!

Now was the fun part; re-enacting our own trial (this case really happened in Victorian times.) Judge Louis (6C) and Judge Eloise (6J) were given a long Victorian wig whilst the Barristers and Clerks were also given a slightly smaller wig. In 6C John Henry Wainman was Ethan and in 6J was Jesse Friend. Unfortunately, in both classes they were found guilty of burglary. We say goodbye to Ethan who is going to prison for 15 years and Jesse Friend is going to reform school for a year and a half.

Overall we really enjoyed our trip and learnt some new facts to expand our knowledge on crime and punishment!

By Grace Donoghue (6J) and Ruby Coyte (6C)