Year 6 Epping Forest Field Centre visit

On Tuesday the 29 th of November, Year 6 went to the Epping Forest Field Centre. When we arrived we separated into our classes, 6C were in Hornbeam and 6J were in Oak. Our trip was focusing on ‘Lessons from Nature.’

During the trip we did five main things including; tree studying, sampling soil, pond dipping, a mini beast hunt and a ‘tree or nu-tree’ debate (this was a debate about whether we should have real trees or synthetic trees.)

Firstly, with our tree studies, we learnt the importance of having them as well as learning what type of trees were in that area and following this, we had to detect what kind of trees they were. During our soil samples, we discovered that the deeper it got, the lighter the soil. Subsequently, we also did some extremely fun pond dipping. We found interesting creatures and found out their features. After this we did a mini beast hunt and investigated what type of mini beasts they were; we looked under logs and other habitats. Finally we carried out our debate. We debated in groups and came up with ideas why each side should win. This was very useful as we understood the benefits of trees and why we should look after them.

Our trip was an enjoyable and memorable trip for all even though we were rather freezing!

By Ruby Clark 6C and Agnessa Pavlova 6J