Year 6 Drug Education

Paul Hannaford’s Drug Talk


On Wednesday 9th November, Year 6 children were lucky enough to have Paul Hannaford come in to our school for the third year in a row to talk about drug awareness. He told us his life story from being a passionate footballer to making some unfortunate life choices that changed him forever.

What we liked about the talk was that you could see the dramatic story in your head and you felt all of the emotions that it offered to us and we felt that being told a story created a larger effect than just a small power point telling us not to take drugs.

For some people, all of the emotions that Paul Hannaford created were a bit upsetting, but in the end, we all needed to know why we shouldn’t take drugs and we will remember this talk for the rest of our lives.

After Paul Hannaford’s drug talk, we figured that he is a very brave man as he retells his life story up to five times every single day and has visited over 300,000 children to give them the talk too!

Thank you very much to Paul Hannaford and we hope that we can see you again in thefuture. Year 5, just you wait; this is a powerful lesson to remember for the rest of your life!

By Ruby Coyte and Millie Nusrat