Year 4 Walk down Queen's Road - Photos now online

Year 4 went on a local history walk in Queen’s Road led by Mrs Drew from the Buckhurst Hill Residents Society. Here is what Holi had to say about the visit-

Today Year 4 went to Queen’s Road to find out about the history of the road. So we started to walk down Queen’s Road. When we made it to the library we met up with a lady called Mrs Drew. She said that the library was built as a church and then it was a hall and then it was a library. As we walked down the road we saw Victorian houses, they had carved Roman and Greek patterns by the windows. Later on, Mrs Drew said that there had been four banks at the same time! There were wide doorways because a long time ago horses would carry things out of the buildings. There was a plant growing down a house, it is called Wisteria.