Year 4 Indoor Athletics 27th January

On Friday the 27th January,  30 children from Year 4 took part in an indoor athletics competition at Debden Park High School. This was the first time many of the children had participated in a competitive athletic competition.  They were selected for different events which included track and field.  They were required to follow the rules and work together as a team. Some of the track events were:  the obstacle relay where they had to go over hurdles and complete ten speed bounces before tagging their team mate to go; the over and under relay where children needed to go through tunnels and hurdles; and a normal running race passing a baton.  The girls’ and boys’ teams were able to obtain 2nd and 3rd in their heats for these races. For the field events children did speed bounce, chest push, standing long jump and vertical jump.  At the end of the morning the results revealed that St John’s had come 4th. All the children showed determination and a positive attitude. Well done!