Year 2 visit the Museum of London

 Year 2 visited the Museum of London on Tuesday 13th Novemberto learn more about the Great Fire of 1666. We became detectives for the day! We visited a gallery called, War. Plague and Fire where children were able to touch and hold artefacts. They also watched a video about the events of the fire, starting with the spark that ignited it in the baker’s shop, to day 4 when the fire was finally extinguished. All the children participated in a fantastic workshop during which they were allowed to hold real artefacts from the fire, these included a leather fire hat, a copper cauldron now blackened and cracked by the heat of the fire, and a candle made for a rich person that was made from bee’s wax. Once we had examined the different items we re-enacted the fire, children took the starring roles of Samuel Pepys, his wife and Jane the maid, the baker, his wife and their maid Hannah as well as firefighters and onlookers. The teachers were given the role of the Duke of York, King Charles II’s brother. It was a very informative day and was enjoyed by all the children and adults that went.

2B Museum of London 2018

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2018 2T Muesum of London

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