Year 2 Welcomes the Fire Brigade

On Monday 19th November Roy the fireman visited year 2. We have been learning about The Great Fire of London and he was able to explain through photographs how the Fire Brigade was started and has changed since the Great Fire of 1666. At the time of the fire in London only homes that had paid insurance were protected. Men used water squirters and fire hooks to limit the damage that fire caused to the wooden buildings of Old London town. The men were not dressed in protective clothes and had very limited resources. Roy told us a lot about being a fireman in 2018 and he brought some of his helmets and clothing along for us to try on. As Roy visits schools to help children understand fire safety he explained how they should stay safe if they are near to a fire using the mantra, ‘Get out, Stay out.’ Finally he told all the children to ask adults at home to check their smoke alarms as these are the first line of defence against fires.

2B Fire fighter photographs

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2B learn about the fire

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Year 2 welome the Fire Brigade

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Roy the fireman discussed the impact of the Great Fire.

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