Year 2 Multi Sports Football 2018

Yesterday 20 children from year 2 went to Shooters in Weald Basset to take part in football games with local schools. They played 7 aside matches which lasted 7 minutes each. We took two teams, 10 children from 2B and 10 from 2T. Each team played several games against different schools. The children put a great deal of energy into their matches, running quickly with the ball, shooting carefully, dribbling and of course tackling their opponents. 2T did extremely  well and came second in their pool, 2B did fantastically and won all their matches and received medals for their efforts. Thank you to all the parents who drove the children to Weald Basset and then stayed to watch the games. A very big thank you to Mr Allen and Mr Paulin who agreed to be the team coaches for the afternoon and subbed children on and off as well as guiding them to play as well as they could. They were invaluable. Thank you both.