Year 2 Capture the Flag

On Friday 14 th October 30 children from year 2 visited Debden Park High School to take part in a Capture the Flag event. Capture the Flag is an old game that derives from battlefields where the victors literally captured the flag. Today however it is a friendly match between two teams. Each team now tries to capture the other team's flag. Whenever a team member ventures onto the other team's territory, he is at risk of being caught (tagged) by the enemy team. When caught he is taken to that team's goal, where he must remain until he is freed (touched) by one of his team members.

When someone manages to capture the other team's flag and return it to their own territory, their team wins.

We were divided into four teams and each team played five games against other schools. The children really enjoyed the games and soon began to develop strategies to help them tag their opponents or help one another to capture the flag. They also quickly realised that it would help if they were able to rescue their team mates from the goal!

Although this was a competitive event there was no overall winner as the games were played as friendlies. Each child received a certificate for participating in the games. The children were very well behaved and waited patiently before games and also remembered to thank the opposing teams. They looked very professional in their bright red St John’s vests with our cross on the front.

Well done St John’s!

A gallery of the event can be found here