West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

Year 5 visited the Anglo-Saxon Village in West Stow today.  After a very windy night the day was surprisingly sunny and very calm, (not a breath of wind!) We were treated to a very informative stroll around the museum where we learned about how the Anglo-Saxons lived based on the artefacts that were actually found on the site. 

After lunch we visited the reconstruction of the village that is actually build upon the foundations of the old site and true to the traditional style.  The children had the chance to handle artefacts such as tools and games.  Visiting each house and imagining the Anglo-Saxons living in exactly this way 1400 years ago was very exciting and helped us to understand further how life would have been. 

Finally we were treated to an oral retelling of the Saxon tale Beowulf.  Our hostess, Stephanie, did a brilliant job and kept us all on our toes with the gruesome exploits of heroes and monsters.   A great day was had by all.