Wellbeing in 2T

2T have had a truly inspiring day today. We started with a philosophy session run by Mrs Lye. The children were challenged throughout the session to think critically and by the end they were asking some deep questions, such as, ‘What would the world be like if everybody was brave?’

We followed this up with a yoga session. We used the Cosmic Kids website for this and were able to follow an undersea adventure which fitted in perfectly at the end of our study of the book Flotsam by David Weisner.

We have discussed growth mindsets and watched a short video about two characters with opposite mindsets. Teezle is a character who has a fixed mindset and is afraid to try something new whilst Mindi has a growth mindset and is happy to have a go and realises that mistakes help us in our learning.

Finally Mrs Spelling held a vigorous workshop Crossfit Battlebox Functional Training. The children really enjoyed this and were exhausted when they left the church. They headed straight for their water bottles on returning to class!

We look forward to our final day of wellbeing week tomorrow but rest assured we will continue with some of the activities after half-term.

Thank you to everybody who has helped during the week.