The British Museum

We had a fabulous trip to The Briiish Museum on Friday. We had gone to see some of the Ancient Egyptian artefacts that are kept there. We walked around the galleries finding one treasure after another. It started with the Rosetta Stone, which we had learnt about but were still amazed to see and continued with statues, muumies and a variety of items from tombs. One gallery even included tomb paintings that had been carefully removed from Egypt and displayed at the museum. Finally we took part in a workshop about mummification. The expert took us through the process step by step and then showed photographs of CAT scans of mummies. She explained that we no longer unwrap the mummies as they did in the Victorain era but instead Xray them to see what is beneath the bandages. The lady was amazed at our rather expert knowledge of Ancient Egypt and how the people lived during this period of time.