The Bird of Prey Academy

Today year 2 welcomed the The Bird of Prey Academy to St John's to begin our topic on owls and nocturnal animals. We were shown the owls and learnt about their different features such as the filoplumes that are on owl faces and help them to identify their prey. Faith and Jamie brought with them four different owls, the Southern White Faced Owl, a Barn Owl called Misty, a Tawney Owl called Edgar and a funny little burrowing owl Called Chaos! He made us all laugh as he ran around looking for food. Seb Start was very brave and allowed him to land on his head! We watched the Barn Owl fly above our heads and were amazed that it made virtually no sound at all, which of course is how it manages to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Xander Millman was able to fly the owl for us and did a very good job standing still as the owl flew from his arm. After we had watched the owls fly we went back to our classrooms where we were able to hold the owls and ask more questions about them. It was a very interesting morning and has made all of us want to find out more about different types of owls, where they live and what they eat and also when they fly as not all owls are nocturnal!