School Council Visit Parliament

The Houses of Parliament

School Council Trip!

On the 23rd November 2016, the School Council and Mr Whale, Mr Tidmarsh and Mr Coyte travelled by tube to the Houses of Parliament to gain even more knowledge about the stages of law.

Firstly, we walked from school to the train station and made our way through to West-
minster. We left our baggage at a parliament training centre and met our guide who walked us up to Parliament, teaching us new things as we went.

There are three stages of Parliament; the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Queen. A law will be passed through all of these stages up and down until it makes its way up to the Queen, who owns a red case in which she takes out the laws and has no choice but to sign them. Now the proclaimation is officially a Law.

After that, we came to our workshop where we learnt even more about Parliament by trying it out. We got put into Constituencies, then into parties to discuss and share our ideas to make the UK a better place and put the money into a can of drink.

After that, we said goodbye to Parliament and walked to visit the Horse Guards Parade, the Cenotaph down White Hall and finally, to everyone's delight, Garfunkel's! Finally, we set off to the gift shop and travelled home. We were all very sad about having to end our adventure, but we will cherish these wonderful memories forever!

The School Council

By Ruby Coyte