Paleontologist visits year 2

On Thursday 7th March year 2 had a visit from a real life palaeontologist called Graham! He visits us every year and every year the reaction from the children is the same… amazed, excited, interested. He brought with him some large models of dinosaurs and also creatures that were alive at the time of the dinosaurs like the enchodus, a large fish, which looked rather like a piranha. The children were interested to learn a number of things, such as how fossils are actually made and that we do not only have fossilised bones but also plants, eggs and poo! They were interested in how Graham had found the dinosaurs and that he has some of his collection stored away at the Natural History Museum in London. They were also fascinated by the fact that birds are actually dinosaurs. Be careful when you next put out some food for them! Finally we had a visit from Mary Anning who is now credited as a leading palaeontologist of her time, she discovered many fossils that helped us learn about dinosaurs and sea creatures living around the shores of England. She was born in 1799 and spent everyday on the beach in Lyme Regis discovering new fossils which she sold as curiosities to the rich people of the time. Thank you to Ann, Graham’s wife for such a realistic enactment of Mary.