Maths Week Next Week

Maths week

St John’s is very excited as next week is our maths week! We will be starting the week with assembly on Monday morning.

In our classes we will be doing maths activities planned by the teachers. Some work will be based on stories, such as finding out about the Fibonacci Sequence through the story The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett or learning about place value through the story, A Place for Zero by Angeline Sparagna Lopresti.

Artwork will also allow children to explore maths, in fact some of our greatest artists were engineers. Leonardo De Vinci is credited with inventing modern day machines that required a great understanding of maths.

Throughout the week will be ring the bell but not for reading… instead for mini maths sessions. During these the children will either chant times tables or count in steps depending on their age.

Year 6 will start their week by designing a maths trail for the younger children. Each year 6 class will create a fun trail that will involve mathematical thinking to solve the various clues posted around the school.

Tuesday will see the whole school dress in something to do with maths, it may be as simple as a number on a jumper although I have heard that someone is planning to come dressed as a calculator! For the pleasure of dressing in mathematical clothing please bring in £1. This will be collected in class and will enable us to buy more fantastic resources to aid the children’s understanding of new concepts in maths. If you would like to donate more than this, it would be much appreciated.

On Wednesday we have David Hall coming into school who will work with every year group throughout the day. He will start the day off with a whole school assembly and will also close the day with the whole school so that children can share some of the learning that has taken place. If you would like to look at his website, please follow the link below.


Although Thursday will sadly be the last day of our theme week there will still be many challenges for the children to get stuck into.

We will post photographs of the week on the website, so watch this space!