Friday Round Up 8/9/17

Friday Round-Up

Welcome Back!

A HUGE thank you to everyone for helping to create such a calm and positive start to our new term; I have been so very pleased with how well the children and staff have settled into the new school year. As I have walked around the school and visited each of the classrooms I have seen, at first hand, lots of smiling, happy faces, as well as lots and lots of determination and hard work – it’s clear to see that the children have come back in a frame of mind to really excel this year and I look forward to seeing this in action as the year progresses!

Thank you, also, to all of the kind parents that I have seen on the school gate, who have offered lots of friendly words of support – I am very excited about this upcoming academic year and enthusiastic that we all work together to achieve the very best for each and every one of our lovely children. Please feel free to come and speak to me to say hello and ask any questions that you may have!

Lost Property & Naming Clothing

Just a quick note to say that two of our kindly staff members (Mrs Hodis and Mrs Mochalska) have kindly volunteered to sort and tidy through our ‘mountain’ of lost property, which has been left over from the last academic year (although I must say that it feels like we have got about 3 years’ worth of clothing in there!).

Next week, we are going to put some tables out close to the school gates, with all of these items on them. Most of these clothes are unfortunately un-named; however, please feel free to take any of these items if you think they belong to your children, as I would like them to be cleared by the end of the school week, on Friday.

Can I take this opportunity to also remind parents or guardians to please write their child’s name and class on all items of clothing that are sent into school, especially jumpers/cardigans and coats, as well as lunchboxes – as these items are most frequently left in the playground or around the school.

School Sports

Next week our programme of sports and clubs begins in earnest. Rob Thomas’ Football club starts this Monday (11th) and continues every week on Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s. Rob has also kindly agreed to continue coaching the school football team, which he has been doing for the last few years to great success. The Football Squad will also start their training on Tuesday after school, from 3.30pm to 4.30pm – please see Rob about the children involved in this squad; the children are chosen from Years 5 and 6, only – due to numbers. Please ensure that your child remembers to bring their own kit, football boots and shin-pads, which are necessary requirement to bring to the training session.

Multisports, led by Caroline Varda, is a fun club, which involves a range of sporting games and activities. This club takes place on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s andFridays, after school, often in the Barn or on the Field or Orchard. There are still spaces for all sessions, application forms available in the front office.

Please Note – Netball Training will be on Tuesday 12th September next week and then back to Wednesday the following week. 

School Uniform

Can I just say how pleased I have been with how well dressed the children have been as they have passed me on the school gate every morning, or when I have passed them in school.

To start off the school year the school is having a ‘purge’ on school uniform, ensuring that children are wearing the correct footwear – black shoes, not trainers of any kind. The children are aware that shirts must be tucked in at all times and ties should be the correct length and not knotted too short or too long. I am also checking on hair bows; can parents just check that some of the bows are not too big, as we have seen some recently which are almost as big as the child – I jest not! Also, could I remind everyone that nail polish or varnish should also not be worn during the school week.

Thank you for your help and support in this matter!

Prefect Badges & Hymn Books

Prefect Badges for year 6 and Hymn Books for year 2 will be presented in Mondays assembly.


Thank you to the parents & guardians who bring dogs to school for remembering Mr Tidmarsh’s request to leave dogs at the school gate. Can I just remind all owners to leave dogs at the school gate and not carry them into the school grounds as there are some children (and adults!) who are scared of them, especially if the bark when they get agitated by lots of children running and milling around.

Book Bell

Finally, just to keep you informed that the school is now running a new initiative called the Book Bell, which is carried out every day at 3.00pm in every single classroom. At this time the school bell is sounded in three short bursts and at that time every teacher in the school stops their teaching to read a whole class story to their children. I have toured around to each classroom during this time and is lovely to see so many children thoroughly engaged in a story. Please feel free to speak to your child about this – I hope they are enjoying their new book!


Please check our school website for upcoming dates including Harvest Festival.

Thank you, once again, for all your support this week – I look forward to a positive and rewarding year at St John’s.

Have a really lovely weekend!

Mr C. Jarmain