Friday Round Up 28/4/17

Dear Parents,
Parent Meetings
To enable you to support your child, we have a number of meetings arranged for Parents this term. Please note some have new dates and times as timings have changed from the original schedule published last September.
Date and Time
Target Audience
Led by
Growth Mindsets
(details below)
16th May
All Parents
Mrs Cass and Mrs Marbe
Kingswood Residential
13th June
Year 6 Parents
Mr Jarmain and Mrs Clarke
E-Safety Helping parents to keep their children safe online.
14th June
All Parents
Mr Ling
E-Safety Helping parents to keep their children safe online.
14th June
All Parents
Mr Ling
The transition from Year 2 to Year 3
29th June
Year 2 Parents
Miss Gibbs and Mrs Hooley
Parent and Staff Coffee Morning
30th June
All Parents
Mr Tidmarsh
Moving onto Secondary School
5th July
Year 5 Parents
Mr Tidmarsh
Growth Mindsets talk for Parents
We would like to invite you to a talk for parents about Growth Mindsets, an idea developed by Stanford Professor Carol Dweck. Some of you may be already aware of this as it has received national media coverage in the past few years. It is an idea used extensively in schools to focus on positive approaches to learning, including subtle but effective changes to the way we talk to children as well as supporting children with the way they view themselves as learners and how they cope with the inevitable difficulties.
The talk will include:
- A brief summary of Dweck’s ideas about the brain and learning
- What other learning theorists think
- How teachers are using these ideas in the classroom
- How parents might use these ideas to support their child(ren)’s learning
The West Essex Teaching Schools Alliance (WETSA) has completed a significant amount of research and development work with on Growth Mindsets, collaborating with the University of Portsmouth and running projects in Epping Forest Schools. This work has been co-ordinated by Angela Cass, WETSA Development Manager, who will be presenting this talk for parents.
This talk for parents has been previously very well received, generating feedback such as “Really did get me thinking on the words I use to encourage my child”, “Extremely informative – good knowledge to take
away and use” and “More of these sessions please!” This is an uplifting, positive topic and we urge parents to attend.
Yesterday you should have received an E-Safety warning regarding an App called Blue Whale Challenge.
Shutting the car park at the beginning and end of the school day continues to be a success however a new danger has emerged in the form of some over enthusiastic cyclists in the car park and church yard. We will be speaking to the children about both these areas as I will be asking them to dismount and push their bikes into school when they reach these two areas. If your child brings their bicycle to school, I would appreciate your support in reminding them to do this too please. Many thanks for your help.
Easter Smarties
The PTA and school would like to thank all the children and parents for their hard work over the Easter holiday. The children must have been very helpful as we collected an impressive £742.24. Some special congratulations go to 1B, the winning class, with £107.51. Well done everyone and thank you for your continued support of the PTA.
Enjoy the long weekend.
Yours sincerely,
P.J. Tidmarsh