Friday Round Up 15/12/17

Friday Round Up 15.12.17

Friday Round-Up


End of Week Fourteen! 15th December


What a week!


Nativities Galore!

A huge well done to all of the children and staff involved in this year’s Nativity Programme. On Wednesday we were treated to a wonderfully mature performance by the Year 1 children in the Church Hall. On Thursday, the Early Years children ‘wowed’ us with their very own interpretation and on Friday the oldest Key Stage 1 children – Year 2 – amazed us with their rendition of ‘It Takes a Village’.  I must say that everyone that I have subsequently spoken with has been incredibly impressed by how well all of the children sang, danced and acted – especially considering they lost two whole days of practise, due to the horrendous weather at the start of this week. I would like to say a special thanks to all of the Early Years and Key Stage 1 staff, and especially Clare Grimsell one of our Music Teachers, who have put a lot of hard work and effort into the three individual performances – it was most definitely worth it! I would also like to thank all the parents and friends of the school who turned up in large numbers to come and watch, especially Year 2, who had to change the date and time due to the weather – your support is always greatly appreciated!


Christmas Jumper Day!

On Tuesday 19th December the children and staff will be allowed to wear a Christmas jumper for the day. The children must still wear their normal school uniform underneath; however, they may put their Christmas jumper over the top – this will add some necessary festivity to Christmas Lunch day! I look forward to seeing some of the incredible Christmas jumpers on show! If you would like to make a fundraising donation to the school of £1, then please send it in with your child. Thank you!


Computing & Safeguarding Advice:

This Christmas, children may receive a new phone or tablet from Santa. They may also have more time to use this technology over the festive period. Please take the time to explore your child’s digital world with them – they will be very keen to share this with you! Discuss their concerns and let your child know that it’s ok to speak about anything they find online that makes them feel uncomfortable.


The very best way to protect our children online is to talk to them openly about their online world; a conversation or exploration with your child this Christmas could really help them stay safe in 2018 and beyond. 


School Crossing and Parking:

This is just a gentle reminder for parents not to park their vehicles over the hatchings and lines at the front of school (on the High Road). Our lollypop lady has remarked to us that it is making the crossing area very dangerous for the children.

On that matter, unfortunately our Crossing Patrol Lady is currently off sick today, so please be extra vigilant when crossing the road with your children. Thank you!


PTA Fundraising & Tuck Shop:

As I mentioned in last week’s Friday Roundup, the school and the PTA are concentrating their efforts on finding a solution to packed lunch spaces at lunchtime, particularly during the Winter months. As parents are already aware, the school has grown in size over the years and it’s now a struggle to fit everyone into the Barn comfortably for lunch.  


In consultation with staff & parents we are trying to find a solution & all our fundraising events; this year will be focused on this.

With that in mind, I would like to thank Tania Al-Hassani, from the PTA, who has kindly run the Coffee Shop and Tuck Shop (near the school gates) since earlier this year. So far she has raised over £500.

Thank you Tania, and thank you everyone for your feedback and support in this matter.


Finally, Some Sad News:

Staff, children and parents of the school may be aware that earlier this week Rod Heal was rushed to hospital and is sadly quite poorly. Rod has, for a number of years, supported Computing lessons at the school, providing expert support to teachers. He is currently in St Bart’s Hospital, in London and our thoughts and prayers are with Rod and his family at this difficult time.


Diary Dates

Activities this week:


  • Wednesday 13th December at 2pm: Year 1 Nativity Performance to parents in the Church Hall;
  • Wednesday 13th December 3.30pm to 5pm: 1H Parents Evening;
  • Thursday 14th December at 2pm: Early Years Nativity Performance to parents;
  • Thursday 14th December 8am to 12pm: 1H Parents Evening.
  • Friday 15th December at 11am: Year 2’s rearranged Nativity Performance to parents in the Church; 

Coming Up…

  • Monday 18th December: Infant Party in the afternoon;
  • Monday 18th December: Year 3 & 4 Disco in the afternoon;
  • Monday 18th December Year 5 & 6 Disco from 3.30 to 5pm;
  • Tuesday 19th December: Christmas Jumper Day;
  • Tuesday 19th December: at 9.30am Christmas Service run-through;
  • Tuesday 19th December: at 11.15am Final School Assembly with Sam Lockstone;
  • Tuesday 19th December: at 11.30am onwards – Christmas Lunch;
  • Tuesday 19th December: all day PTA Christmas present wrapping activities in class;
  • Wednesday 20th December: Christmas Service at 9.30am – all parents and friends of the school are welcome to join;
  • Wednesday 20th December: End of term 1.30pm.
  • Thursday 4th January: Term restarts at 8.45am 

Thank you and I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Mr C. D. Jarmain