David Hall's maths day

On Wednesday 18th October St John's invited David Hall to come in and share his love of maths with us. He started the day off with an energetic and exciting assembly during which he gave us various interesting mathematical facts and figures. He set out the plan for the day explaining that each year group would have something different to explore.

Throughout the day the year groups worked with David learning many different aspects of maths and mathematical thinking. Some learnt how the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids using a piece of string whilst others learnt about Fibonacci and nature. At the end of the day the school gathered together, listening to the mathematical adventures that had unfolded. This finished with what appeared to be magic tricks where children read the minds of others! Of course they didn't really ... it was all about the math!!!

Everybody enjoyed the day and maths has most definitely been shown to be, exciting, interesting, fun and necessary!