2022 Kingswood Residential

Day 1 Monday 4th July

Day 1 of our year 6 residential at Kingswood, West Runton. As you can see the weather is perfect. The children enjoyed their first activities on arrival, had dinner and then sat around the camp fire before time for bed!


Day 2 Tuesday 5th July

The children enjoyed a variety of adventurous activities throughout the morning. As you can see we have abseiling, climbing and riding the zip wire.

This afternoon was rather more relaxed with a stroll down to the beach to see what lurked in the rock pools! Some children played board games marking them in the sand. Then there was of course the visit to the ice cream shop, a firm favourite with most including the staff! Mr Furness and Miss Steptoe joined year 6 for the afternoon and if you look carefully Mr Furness can be seen down by the water’s edge.

After dinner the children have had a great time dancing the night away... let's hope they are sleep soundly tonight!


 Day 3 Wednesday 6th July

Well another day of fun has been completed. The children have been caving, made camps, taken part in fencing  and created what looks like a giant wheeled trolley out of barrels and wooden poles. They will have to explain the latter when they get home! 

They are all looking relaxed and happy in each other's company. The same goes for the staff too if the photo is anything to go by!



 Day 4 Thursday 7th July

 It has been fun and games today starting with a boogie after breakfast. The children chose their own costumes in which to boogie... did they take inspiration from Madness for their walk? 

After the exciting start today, they have had a very busy day packed full of activities and look at that sunshine. Fabulous!

They ended the day with a coastal walk culminating in a beautiful sunset. Wonderful.



 Day 5 Friday 8th July 

 Not long until they arrive home with all their memories, oh and lots of dirty washing!