Our Inclusion Team includes Alison Tinker, the Deputy Head, the Senco Nina Maskell and Kathryn Radley who is the SEND Facilitator. 


St John’s is an inclusive school, we value our children and have high aspirations for them all. It is important to us that the wellbeing of each child is considered along with their academic progress.This includes children who have Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND), children who have English as a second language (EAL), as well as children who are registered as Pupil Premium. All children are different but they all have a right to a rich and varied curriculum in school and access to our after school clubs where provided. 


Throughout the school day children are taught by their class teachers who monitor their progress across the subjects. Some children benefit from intervention programmes to target particular areas of need. Programmes are sometimes 1:1 but are often delivered in small groups. The work covered is specific to their need, the children are assessed before starting and at the end of a specified time frame, usually 6 weeks. Interventions are often English and maths based and include reading, phonics, spelling, writing and number work.


All children are planned for by the class teachers including children who have a one plan or an Education, Health Care Plan. However these children have work specifically tailored to meet the targets that have been identified for them. The teachers work alongside the Senco to deliver high quality lessons that specifically target their areas of need. Our SEND children are taught within the class but there are times when they will need to work outside of the classroom if their needs are better met in this way, for example, children who need speech and language therapy or physiotherapy. 


Wellbeing is a priority for us here at St John’s as we know children who feel safe and secure make the most progress. We have a team of professionals that come into school on a weekly basis to support us in this. We have a trained counsellor, play therapist and music therapist who work with children when they are in need emotionally. We also have a family support worker who works alongside families if they are in need of our support.


Our vision, “Life in all Its Fullness” John 10:10 is inclusive. Our aim is that all children will have an education that allows them to live their lives to the fullest now and equip them to become happy, healthy adults that engage with the world successfully.